Freddie W.-Johnson

Greenwood Leflore Hospital Board member Freddie White-Johnson has mentioned on at least two occasions a hospital employee making $100,000 with a high school diploma.

She should look in the mirror. She makes $150 per board meeting. If the meeting lasts an hour, she makes $150 an hour.

In the past, the board only met once a month. Now they meet two or more times a month. She is making $150 two or three times per month, which equals to at least $50 an hour. She should look around her board members. Some of them do not have a college degree and are making $50 an hour. Also she should look at the Board of Supervisors who put her on the hospital board. Some of them are making over $40,000, soon to be $50,000, without a high school diploma.

There are millionaires who do not have a high school diploma. What is her point?

Garbage bills

Regarding Reginald Moore’s letter to the editor (“Reporter is injecting opinion in coverage,” March 27):

I agree that Moore was doing his duty as a supervisor in pointing out that two garbage bills come to his house.

It is bizarre that this problem with delinquent garbage bills has gone on so long without any action by the board. I hope you will all work together to resolve this.



Regarding the article “Board to tackle unpaid garbage bills” (March 26):

Did the George Jones’ estate go through probate? Did the county make a claim against the estate during probate?

If the answers are yes and then no, then the county is just out of luck.

Miss Lewis shouldn’t be responsible for an 18-year-old garbage bill for a residence that she neither owned nor lived at.

Old Buffalo

John McCain

Regarding the editorial “Let McCain be” (March 27):

Read the history of John McCain’s life. I wish I could find something good to say about him, but it’s just not there, even if you hate Donald Trump like you apparently do.


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