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Regarding the article “Lessons learned: Children taught about sports, current events at summer program” (June 25):

Part of God’s Helping Hand Learning Academy’s curriculum is to teach 3- through 10-year-olds that racism permeates their environment and because of George Floyd, they, too, will be targets for death by the police? This school is teaching very young children to hate, to be fearful and to identify as victims within this society. Where is the diversity training?

Children this young are not able to grasp complex issues such as systemic racism. What you are doing is indoctrinating them with hateful, fear-mongering propaganda. Who are you uniting? Are you inviting police officers into your classroom so that the students can get a good impression of our local law enforcement? Are you inviting people of different races in to learn about diversity and that our differences don’t make us bad?

I hope God’s Helping Hand Learning Academy is teaching these students to love themselves and all of their neighbors as Jesus would do, as well as how to give back to their community in order to make it better. I hope they know that they have bright futures and can steer their own destiny if they make wise, thoughtful decisions.

Children need to feel loved and have confidence that the grown-ups in their lives will keep them safe and sheltered from harm.


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Actually to the commenter questioning diversity in God’s Helping Hand Learning Academy,  I have been working and teaching a variety of classes here and at ArtPlace with Kisha, Pam and the kids. I’ve seen the little ones graduate throughout the years and have them visit me at ArtPlace.

I’m white, from South Africa and they all know and recognize me by name and remember all the activities we do, like exploration of the Yazoo Trail, dance movement, music, sculpture and exploratory art experiences.

Don’t judge unless you’d like to be part of this wonderful group and see for yourself what a well-rounded foundation GHHLA presents to these kids.

I love Shun Pearson and his ongoing dedication to the youth in Greenwood. He works tirelessly, and I wonder how much you do for your community. A lot of people like to sit on their pedestals and judge, but instead, join in and come and be part of diversity and let’s grow together.


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