Andy Taggart

Finally, there’s a Republican politician with the guts to relay his opinion and feelings on a new state flag.

Andy Taggart’s recent remarks on his desire for a less controversial image to represent Mississippi is a refreshing and unprecedented statement. Previous “cop-outs” by Republicans are so transparent and politically motivated. They do not want to hurt their re-election chances, even if it means the future economic benefits for Mississippi suffer.

Come on, Tate Reeves. Be a man and join the 20th century.


Briggs and Brown

I see that Dr. Jerryl Briggs, the president of Mississippi Valley State University, has some of the same talent as the famous Anjuan Brown of the Leflore County Board of Supervisors.

From Mr. Brown comes modifying of the real facts on a donation request of county funds for concert entertainment. And from Dr. Briggs comes the modified student enrollment increase numbers at the Valley every year that are, however, always above the actual decrease in enrollment.

Nancy Pelosi

Regarding the comment in “My Two Cents” (April 16) asking about where Nancy Pelosi got her money:

She’s a crook, like everyone else in Washington. That’s why people get into politics. To take what they can from the American people, and to do so for 50 or 60 years, because once in office, they never leave, They die in office of old age and with a bank account full of money. They literally get so old in office they just fall over dead.


License plates

Regarding this week’s poll question on Mississippi’s new license plate:

I don’t mind it so much. I understand why people don’t like the off-centering, but it’s just a car tag. People should be watching the road anyway.


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