I find it laughable that a “My Two Cents” writer (March 5) actually requested that the city pave alleyways when many main streets in South Greenwood are filled with potholes.

I regularly find myself weaving across many roads in hopes that I would avoid these “obstacle courses.” I’ve lived here for many years, and I really do believe that this is the worst condition that I’ve ever seen the streets in this part of town. The first thing that ever crosses my mind is, “What do out-of-towners think of this, and why is it that nothing is done about it?”

The city, city councilmen and mayor who jockey for votes during election time should take this into account when election time rolls around. Paved alleyways are the last thing we need to be focusing on.

It’s one thing to have speed bumps on every corner, but potholes and speed bumps are a little bit too much to handle. Businesses that do front-end alignments are more than likely laughing all the way to the bank.  

Medicaid expansion

Regarding the article “Medicaid inaction is killing hospitals” (March 5):

The public knows what’s pushing our hospital to the brink of closing. We the people know what goes on in our community and our hospital.

Blow your smoke somewhere else.


• • •

I believe the main reason that Medicaid has not been expanded is because of the misconception about who is receiving Medicaid in Mississippi.

I believe if you listed the numbers of blacks, whites and Latinos who are receiving Medicaid, it will show what many don’t know about who actually receives the majority of public assistance in this state. If you publish this information, many will be surprised and perhaps our officials will be forced to accept the money that has been offered to help us.


This is in response to the op-ed column by Vincent J. Venturini (“Sensitivity gone too far,” March 1), and the toxicity of the N-word.

The strange thing about this is that the ones who introduced this word — white people — in order to degrade African slaves are the very ones who can’t say it, even in intellectual discourse, without repercussions.

Be careful what you start. You might not be able to finish.

My Two Cents

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