New Year’s gunfire

There were so many gunshots going off in my subdivision on New Year’s night that I had to take shelter in another area of my house away from windows.

I live in the county where guns are allowed to be shot at midnight on New Year’s Day. Bullets do not know where to go or what to hit, what house to pass by or what house to enter into. I hear guns that sounded as if a bomb had exploded.

I am asking the Greenwood City Council members, the Leflore County supervisors and the mayor to please ban shooting guns in the city and county for New Year’s.

I am afraid some innocent person will end up injured or dead.


Police priorities

Officials in Greenwood need to be ashamed.

On Thursday, I had an official to drive past my house asking me to move my car from the yard in front of my house, which is far away from the sidewalk.

I have been parking in the same place for almost 10 years and have not had one complaint.

There are people getting shot, sick and dying. In other words, there are more important things going on than worrying about where my car is parked in my yard.

Police changes

Regarding the article “Duties shifted to help chief” (Jan. 7):

What a waste of $60,000. Just a fine example of why government deserves the sorry reputation it has with many.

d taylor

Capitol riot

Regarding the article “Capitol siege forces questions, ousters” (Jan. 8):

Where was Cindy Hyde-Smith? Right there with Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley.

Remember that, Mississippi.


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