Donald Trump

In your editorial “America’s outlier on early voting” (Oct. 15), you said that it was odd that several Republicans were in favor of early voting before they were against it.

These people don’t want certain people to vote on Election Day, and they surely don’t want people voting early. You also said that Donald Trump is all but guaranteed to win Mississippi. I say that Trump is guaranteed to win Mississippi.

Trump can drop 82 cargo plane loads of bull manure on this state on his way to a rally in Alabama and say this is what he will deliver in person at his rally, but he didn’t want Mississippi left out, so he is sending it by air mail. Then Tate Reeves can praise him for dropping it in all of the areas where the soil needed it, and call Trump a great Christian.

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Hear we go again playing the race card! Some of you folks need a life!

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