Regarding the editorial “Numbers point to closing schools” (June 6):

I think you are exactly right. The Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District needs to be good stewards of the taxpayers’ money. It is obvious there are too many facilities.

No wonder the public has lost confidence in our public schools. Besides the low academic performance, it does not appear they have the leadership to make the hard, though correct decisions to manage their resources — such as closing facilities to meet demand and their budget.


Joe Biden

This is in response to the editorial “Far left Democrats going after Biden” (June 5):

I don’t consider the passing of the Affordable Care Act an “overreach.” Twenty to 30 million Americans now have health insurance, myself included, because of this law. No progress can be made without sacrifice.

The Democrats need to ask themselves, Do we do what’s right or what’s politically popular?

The latter will get you elected, but if that’s the only reason you are in it, the battle is already lost.

Just a Thought

Renaldo Hunt slaying

Ya’ll at the Commonwealth have got problems. You’re so very disrespectful to families of color, I just can’t take it anymore.

Sorry to say but my family was done the same way.

Please tell me what the past has to do with Renaldo Hunt’s slaying. Words can’t help or hurt him at this point. Ya’ll need to stop.

Repeat this word for me: sympathy.


Sid Salter column

Regarding Sid Salter’s column “The Moocher State?” (June 6):

Well, Sid, that’s because the grand and glorious free market that we’re all so devoted to decrees that agricultural products and most other actual physical goods produced by actual labor aren't worth as much as financial “products,” such as insurance, housing for highly paid New York workers and whatever else they do in New Jersey. What are you, some kind of a communist?

Hal Fiore

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