Mask mandate

I am glad someone else wrote a comment about making people wear facial masks (“My Two Cents," July 2).

When Winona and Vaiden made making masks mandatory, I wrote a comment and asked if they were smarter than Greenwood (“My Two Cents," May 8).

The mayor of Greenwood needs to make this a No. 1 priority instead of putting up new lights or installing music speakers downtown.

People are dying, and lives matter more than lights and music. We are spending all this money on junk.

Hey, do we live in New York now? Get smart, Greenwood, and stay safe. You may not live to see the lights or hear the music.

Come On

Mary Carol Miller

Kudos to Tim Kalich for his editorial (“Case for masks is exaggerated,” July 9) calling out Dr. Mary Carol Miller for her exaggerations about masking for COVID-19 at the Greenwood City Council meeting last week.

Dr. Miller should also be called out for her daily use of sarcasm and bullying on Facebook in her “Grinch Report.” It compromises her credibility.

I’m shocked that Greenwood Leflore Hospital hasn’t noticed her rants and asked her to curtail them.

A Concerned Citizen

State flag

Our state flag flew over Mississippi for more than 125 years, and the citizens voted to keep it flying several years ago.

It took only two days for the politicians to replace it without giving the citizens a chance to vote.

At least we will have the opportunity to vote on the politicians who sold out their heritage and did not give us the opportunity to vote.

Johnny Reb

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I have read several of Dr. Miller's so-called rants and find them to be a refreshing antidote to the anti-science deluded thinking that is all too common these days, some of which appears on the pages of this very newspaper.

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