Confederate statue

Regarding the Confederate monument at the Leflore County Courthouse:

It is not a monument to the Civil War and slavery. It is a monument to the men who dutifully fought and died in a war. They may not have agreed with the war but were drafted to fight.

It is a shame that some have chosen these memorials as a means to spread hate and divisiveness in our country.

It is a part of our country’s history. Removing history removes the opportunity to discuss that part of history; to teach and learn from it. America, like all young countries, has to go through growing pains to get to the Utopia that the current society’s norms dictate. Moving any monument to the dead is sacrilege. It is akin to defacing a cemetery.


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This is hardly new. Confederate Monuments have always been symbols of white supremacy. The heyday of Monument building, between 1890 and 1920, was also a time extreme racial violence. As Monument went up, so did the bodies of Black men, women and children especially in the state of Mississippi during a long rash of lynching. (Emmitt Till) So in closing why are there no Monument build for Harriet Tubman or Martin Luther King.

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