GOP indifference

I notice from my perch high in the tree that there is a lot of talk and complaining that the Delta and Leflore County are not getting the money needed for hospitals, schools, roads and bridges or more services for the poor that are needed. The state politicians and election candidates are blamed for this.

We need to understand that the Delta and Leflore County are solid Democratic and not likely to change. Even many Republicans are leaving the area.

Also, we need to understand that the rest of the state is solidly Republican and not interested. They don't want to pay more taxes or even have any interest in helping Democratic areas. This is also not likely to change.

What the Delta does have that none of the other parts of the state have is the only elected African American representative in Congress. Congressman Bennie Thompson is wealthy and powerful.

So the Delta people need to stop fussing about the Republican politicians not helping and lay in on Congressman Thompson to get federal grants and laws to take care of these problems.

Last year, he should have gotten those Yazoo pumps running and saved the farms and their jobs and saved the wildlife. They should tell him to bring home the bacon and just forget the Republicans. They are not that concerned about the Democrats’ problems.

Old Owl

Cal Thomas column

My only response to Cal Thomas’ writing in his column “Vote for me, or else” (Aug. 22) is: What? Has Cal found a conscience? Or will he backtrack tomorrow? Isn’t Donald Trump his idol?


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