Teacher licensing

Carey M. Wright needs to be fired as state superintendent of education. Time after time the Mississippi Department of Education  is an embarrassment to this state — from bids not handled legally to not even being able to count how many teachers are in the state. She blamed that on computer software. You don’t need a computer to count, just an adding machine.

Mississippi has the worst education department in the country and constant confusion about policy. There is a huge teacher shortage, and if someone with a degree is trying to complete a requirement, why is this so hard?

Wright is the highest paid superintendent in the country at $300,000. How is this possible?

embarrassed teacher

School merger

I am totally confused. What exactly was the point of consolidating the Greenwood and Leflore County school districts?

No school is being closed or combined. Sorors, friends, relatives and church members are being hired and in some cases rehired.

The Greenwood Leflore Consolidated School District appears to be setting the children up for failure.

When will this charade end? Effective leaders usually don’t replace an entire staff without first observing and/or working with them to gauge their efficiency. Someone appears to be overwhelmed.

Women’s Day program

I recently attended a Women’s Day program at Providence M.B. Church and got a pleasant surprise. The speaker, Shirley Thomas, was dynamic, to say the least.

I don't know the last time I attended a function where the speaker was eloquent, dynamic and phenomenal, all rolled into one. Her speech literally made the words leap from her pages. Every man and woman in attendance could identify with her message.

Kudos to the chairpersons who chose this speaker. You were on point with your selection.  

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