Social media

Regarding the editorial “Were we better off before Facebook?” (June 14):

I don’t think Sen. Josh Hawley’s thoughts are overwrought. In fact, I believe we can blame the fruits of social media for the increase in gun violence. Some gunmen were inspired by the rhetoric they read online. Racist communities reinforce their self-righteousness and embolden them to shoot up a church or what have you. So I do believe we’re better off without social media.

We’ve benefitted a lot from these products, but not only do we have more violence, but as you alluded to, we also have an explosion of divisiveness, bullying, harassment and threats. I want to emphasize, however, that social platforms themselves aren’t bad ideas, but because people by nature are complete rats under the right circumstances, it’s people who ruin good things.


Park name

The editorial headline (“Give riverside park its popular name,” July 2) pretty much nails it. Why not officially rename “the park between the bridges” Riverside Park? Of course, a tie-in with the walking trail would be River Trail Park. Then, there’s the location moniker of Two Bridges Park.

Perhaps we should have a naming contest, as I'm sure there’s a lot of suggestions out there that could be considered.

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