Editor, Commonwealth:

We sit back in our daily lives and watch our prices increase with each passing year. What used to be cheap is a thing of the past.

Look at a gallon of gasoline. The joy-riding days are over. Oil, automobile repairs, ain’t nothing cheap no more.

Remember that old Johnny Cash song “I’m Busted”? I believe a lot of folks beside myself feel this way.

Fifty dollars doesn’t buy squat in a grocery story anymore. You won’t eat a well-balanced meal or have three squares a day. And don’t go to the meat department. A lemon meringue pie costs $10 nowadays.

Rent increases and utilities are rising. A haircut costs $20. Have you had dental work done lately? It costs an arm and a leg. In the 1970s, you could get a tooth pulled for $15. Now it’s $250.

The cost of plain ole living is sky high and rising. You can blow a $100 bill in five minutes.

The penny gum ball machines are long gone, lost in time.

So we sit back and watch our prices rise like a hot-air balloon, out of sight, out of mind.

A dollar doesn’t go far anymore, and I just stepped over a penny on the sidewalk.

Kenneth Carithers

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