Editor, Commonwealth:

I am not trying to be a do-gooder with all the answers. However, it does little to improve things if all we are willing to do is complain. What is required is an action plan with some programs attached.  

Our action plan must start with our schools. We must reclaim the direction of our public school system. We must re-establish standards for teaching and learning. We must secure quality leadership that has a set of core values centered around fairness, honesty, humility and integrity to run our schools.   

We must take the church to the streets, taking the Creator’s message out to those who really need to hear it. I know that the church has traditions. However, are the traditions more important than the suffering of the people? Why can’t we meet the needs of the disadvantaged where they are?

Finally, we must have voter registration drives every two weeks. There has to be a constant effort to get people registered to vote and informed on the issues affecting our community. We must create a voting bloc in the Delta that can ensure its needs will not be overlooked by anyone.   

Charles Brady

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No, it starts at home! I know, I know some don't have homes. Then this is what happens.

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