Editor, Commonwealth:

Lack of opportunity, blighted communities, lack of government transparency and increased crime among youth are all issues that are happening under the leadership of the current Greenwood City Council. Sen. David Jordan has served on the council for years and frequently misses council meetings. As for other members, let’s just say if it is not at a council meeting or during an election year, it is likely you won’t see them in the community.

I’m writing this letter to the editor because I feel it is time for a next-generation political revolution to move our city forward. We need young adult leaders to address the issues our youth face in our communities.

Let us not forget that it is the current mayor’s fault that Dr. Montrell Greene became superintendent of the Greenwood School District and sent the district into a downward spiral.

Then, there’s crime. Where are the community initiatives bridging the gap between policing and black youth? Where are the programs geared toward helping our youth see their future potential outside of their blighted communities? Where are the city programs to help beautify areas in South Greenwood that have been left in ruin for years? Where are the city partnerships to create more activities for youth (i.e., seeking investors to reopen the movie theater or starting a municipal sports league)? These are all questions I hear from citizens in South Greenwood on a daily basis.

The answer is simple. Progress is stalled in the city of Greenwood. With an emphasis on beautification of the downtown area, the current council has lost touch with its citizens.

Young adults are the answer. Yes, they are too young. Yes, they lack experience. But most of the young adults I know who are considering runs for local office have the right ideas to move our city forward. The only thing in our way is the older generation that refuses to let our revolution begin.

I write this letter two years in advance of the next municipal election as a warning that young people will run and young people will win elections in 2021. Our time has come. Long-term incumbent leaders should help us out by getting out of the way of our revolution.

Robert Wilson


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Old Buffalo

Having the government take care of you, whether it is local, state or federal, is not the answer. Just take a look at cities like Chicago, Detroit or Baltimore and see what that has done to folks that live there. Self reliance, determination and entrepreneurship along with education, discipline and a reverence for God is what will turn the community around.

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