Editor, Commonwealth:

I don’t have the faith it takes to be an atheist. The belief there is no God and that I exist for no purpose takes more strength than I’m capable of mustering.

I don’t have the faith it takes to be a leftist, believing the government should control the smallest facet of everyday life and that capitalism is the root of all evil.

I don’t have the faith it takes to be a liberal, advocating individual freedom at all costs, even above decency and life.

I don’t have the faith it takes to be a “practical” Christian, that I can get along with everyone if I’m careful not to offend with my belief in biblical doctrine as given by Jesus Christ. I don’t want there to be any question about where I stand and why.

This past Fourth of July was one of the saddest I have ever experienced. The people of this great country should have come together with pride in celebration for our basic human rights and freedoms as provided in our Constitution instead of having to endure the continued attempts by the liberal media to shame us for our blessings.

Do you know that most of the ideas expressed in this Constitution were taken from the Bible? In my search, I read a statement, “The Founding Fathers were not perfect men but they knew where to find perfection.” Well said.

Instead, newscasters reported on every perceived failing of President Trump’s, right down to picking apart the Fourth of July parade for sins of pride in this country and its military. If this had occurred a few years earlier, or another president was in office, the Washington Fourth of July celebration would have been applauded.

It’s the same political deceit that decries a border wall and turning away people who cross our borders illegally as evil now but that was extolled by both sides of the political aisle as the right thing to do up through Barack Obama’s presidency.

The Democrats, supported by the leftist media, go on witch hunts to weed out any morally imperfect person or candidate, but if they’re Democrats, they make excuses for them.

I recently heard a news report by Abraham Hamilton on American Family Radio that Kamala Harris, one of the many Democrats running for president, has a slave owner in her genealogy, but true to their nature, has the liberal media called for her to step down? Absolutely not. They won’t even report on this, but they’ll search endlessly for dirt so they can impeach Donald Trump. That is how hypocritical this has all become.

How is it that the worst critics of this nation have never lived anywhere else, have been so blessed to earn wealth and often fame as well, thanks to our capitalism, and yet are so ungrateful and condemning of the country that gave them this opportunity?

I am not saying President Trump is without faults. That would be foolish. As a Christian, I’m saying we are all flawed, those on the political left as well as those on the right. I am saying, imperfect as he is, Donald Trump has pride in this nation, what it has accomplished and what it can still accomplish if we do not allow those that hate true freedom to overtake us.

Sherry Stallings


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Spoken like a faithful TRUMPIE !!!!

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