Editor, Commonwealth:

Presently, I am an incarcerated inmate at the Leflore County Adult Detention Center. My inmate “duties” include managing the inmate library, coordinating “Sunday school’ spiritual activities and serving as inmate facilitator of the Live Recovery class.

I spiritually answered my rather unique calling to be put in charge of these activities, which exhort, edify and esteem all interested inmates. I discovered a very serious need to present opportunities for inmate rehabilitation to individuals whom our society has either temporarily lost or legally corrected through judicial consequences.

Presently, there are about 18 inmates attending the manhood class taught by our jail administrator, Tyrone Banks. There are about the same number of inmates enrolled in the Life Recovery class being taught by me.

Even though we are presently incarcerated inmates, we are still individuals, possessing feelings and emotions, who need to make positive use of our time through attendance in counseling-type classes. We also need to have the opportunity to read books and periodicals, including this newspaper when we are privileged to, which foster mental awareness and spiritual growth in an individual.

Part of the reason we are incarcerated could be attributed to a deficiency in some social skills, which mentally and legally affects us. We need to converse in a “controlled environment” about how we can be better examples as people, once granted another opportunity to live out in the society from which we have been temporarily separated. These conversations lead to reinvigorated attempts (through choice) to live productively in an ever-changing world.

Our rehabilitative classes, Sunday school and inmate library keep us in touch with our humanness if we recognize the importance of our spiritual endeavor for right relationships with others and companionship with our higher power. Weekly Sunday school classes keep us attached to an omnipotent and omniscient God, who has saved us by allowing incarcerated correction to physically and behaviorally take place within us.

I would like to thank The Greenwood Commonwealth for reporting on our faith-based class conducted in 2019. It is temporarily on hold.

As our world steps forward out of the pandemic, our need for rehabilitation is more important than ever if we are to remain attached to the transforming world around us.

Nelrich E. Tramiel

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Leland Reader

God Bless you on your hopefully way out to practice what you and the other men have learned. Our family has been down that road with a family member, and they are home with us doing well. Get all the education you can, knowledge is power!

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