Editor, Commonwealth:

The shopping cart is 83 years old as of 2020. The shopping cart was invented by Sylvan Goldman in 1937 and received a lot of skepticism from both men and women as it resembled a baby carriage. Through many advertisements, the shopping cart become popular and made Goldman a millionaire.

Now we see shopping carts all around the world. Today, it does double duty as a baby carrier while mama or dad do their shopping. Some toddlers get to enjoy a ride now and then, too.

Many times, shoppers continue to buy until the basket is full or, to exaggerate, until the shop is empty. Shop owners improved their business immensely with the help of a shopping cart. Goods reached home in bulk as overwhelmed shopping carts carried goods to the parking lot with ease.

But now, parking lots are turning ugly with shopping carts lying everywhere. It is the responsibility of the public to return the cart to the appropriate place in the parking lots. Greenwood is no different with this scenario. Let us grown-ups push our shopping carts into the proper place and teach our kids to do the same. We love Greenwood. Let us keep it clean.

Stray Carts in the Parking Lot

Malls, supermalls and shops
Shopping made easier
Pull or push your cart
Shopping cart, baby carriage or adult walker all in one
Walk through the mall and aisles
Pick stuff you like or for someone to like it
Buy more even when you need less
Overloaded shopping carts
More shopping, empty shelves, busy employees
All is in good economics and better business
Shopping is a cry when the credit bill arrives
When bank balance diminishes
Leave no place even to park vehicles
When you can find your shopping cart everywhere
Some in the ditches, some on the highways
Some even in your backyard
Shopping basket on wheels
Without you walking behind
A danger in the parking lot
A bad dent on the car you love
Looks bad everywhere
Talk loud of your shopping
Laugh when you repair that dent
Or when resell that car and that bad dent
Make that poor cart collector
Walk all over to gather stray carts
Work long hours to put together
Prays you buy what you need
Prays you put your carts in the docking
Prays you make easy as you come and go
Prays you make your city better place for
Whoever come and go.
Sriram Nallani

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