Editor, Commonwealth:

Thanks to The Greenwood Commonwealth editorial team for the article about the ways that Medicaid inaction is killing hospitals (March 5).

It is easy to be an “armchair quarterback,” thinking you are able to list the things that are wrong with a place of business, even if you have worked there. However, to see the whole picture, it is necessary to understand all of the things that go into decisions that are made. Without knowing everything that must be taken into consideration when decisions are made, it is not possible to make an accurate assessment of the situation. All of the factors that must be considered when making decisions are not always able to be made public. This is especially true of personnel matters, for the protection of the institution as well as the individual(s) affected by personnel decisions.

The leadership of Greenwood Leflore Hospital, including the Board of Hospital Commissioners, physicians and administrative team, is committed to making the changes that will give us the ability to save our hospital. There is a comprehensive strategic plan in place to ensure the viability of Greenwood Leflore Hospital that will be presented by our interim chief executive officer. Our community needs our hospital, and for the citizens of our community who do not have a variety of options from which to choose, it becomes literally a matter of life and death to preserve our local hospital.

As the Commonwealth editorial stated, “Physicians in private practice may not want more Medicaid patients since they feel that the federal-state program reimburses them at less than what it costs to provide the treatment. But for hospitals, which by law must treat everyone who shows up at their doors, regardless of ability to pay, more Medicaid dollars means less uncompensated care. Even if the reimbursement is not enough to fully cover costs, it’s a lot better than the zero hospitals usually get from patients who do not have insurance.”

Understand that you cannot analyze that which you do not know the inner workings of, and at least give the hospital a chance to make the necessary changes to keep it vital and operational. Utilize the hospital for the health care that it can provide instead of taking your business out of town. Take a look at the big picture instead of the small snapshot of your own backyard. Have a little faith in the folks who have dedicated their entire careers to Greenwood Leflore Hospital.

The last thing any of us needs is to lose our local hospital.

Sammy Foster
Board Chairman
Dr. Ray Girnys
Chief of Staff
Key Britt
Vice President of Administrative Services
Greenwood Leflore Hospital

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Thank God we got that cleared up, Sure had everyone worried.

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