Editor, Commonwealth:

Fake news from the media is dividing America.

Leftist newspapers and television stations have spent two years with reports about Donald Trump’s collusion with Russia. CNN and MSNBC were the media cable news leaders shouting hysterical claims of collusion, obstruction of justice and many other crimes for which they claimed Trump, the Trump campaign and family are guilty and should be in jail. Newsbusters, the official blog of the Media Research Center, said that the major leftist news outlets spent more than 2,200 hours on the phony, fake, fabricated Russian collusion scandal. Americans have been lied to over and over again about something our president did not do.

After 675 days, $25.2 million, 19 attorneys, 40 FBI agents, 13 foreign governments contacted for evidence, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants and 500 witnesses, the Mueller report said there was no collusion, and Attorney General William Barr and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein concluded no obstruction of justice.

The best commentary about this whole episode was made by Fox News senior political analyst Bret Hume: “It is the worst journalistic debacle of my lifetime, and I’ve been in this business about 50 years. When I say debacle, I’m talking about the political accusations of collusion which occupied our media and our politics for now two years. I’ve never seen anything quite this bad last this long. It was a terrible thing. There needs to be a lot of soul-searching among many leading members of the media today and going forward.”

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if, from this moment on, both political parties and all media would only say the true facts and work together for the good of all Americans!

Pat Ellis

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