Editor, Commonwealth:

I am a native of Winona and read with great interest your story about the doctors leaving the Physicians and Surgeons Building on the corner of Washington and Henderson streets in Greenwood (“Lucas, staff to move soon,” April 9). The building was a big part of my life in my early years.

In the 1970s, I was a patient of the late Dr. Carl Bernet, a pediatric physician whose office was located in the building. I have many memories of climbing those front steps when my parents took me for appointments. They had fish aquariums, and the place always felt like it was probably a hospital prior to being a clinic.

Dr. Bernet or one of his nurses would give me a sucker at the end of visits. I remember getting my immunization shots, which weren’t fun, but I remember that Dr. Bernet was a kind and nice man who really took good care of me.

He was also a skilled physician who discovered conditions about my health in good time that allowed my parents to find the appropriate specialists for further treatment. Because he caught issues so early, they were successfully corrected, and I have had no continued complications. I owe my good health today to him.

I hope something can be done with the building so that it can continue to serve the community in some capacity. I am sure there are many other people who have many more memories than I with the services they received and the people they have known in that building.

Thank you to the Lucas family for having made it available to the community all these years.

Chris Baker

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