Editor, Commonwealth:

In regard to the article in the Commonwealth’s Profile edition on Hank Reichle (“High standards: Staplcotn president-CEO a determined leader,” Feb. 21), I would like to discuss his loyalty and that of his family to their church, St. John’s United Methodist in Greenwood.

The Reichles started attending when they first moved here in 2005. The boys were all under 6, but they came faithfully and sat like little soldiers. They were very interested in church work and how they could get involved.

Hank went on the Emmaus Walk and was touched by the Holy Spirit. His wife, Merritt, became involved in the ladies’ Bible studies. One son, Ethan, attended Camp Lake Stephens in Oxford, where he learned to love Jesus. Even as a student at the University of Mississippi, he is a camp leader every summer. In December, he went on a mission tour to Haiti.

Hank taught his other sons, Jack and Britt, to be kind to the elderly. Jack and Britt have helped me for five years to get my walker in and out of my car on Sundays. In 2017, someone wedged my wheelchair in my backseat. They almost took out my backseat, but they fixed the problem. When Hank went to see Tiger Woods play golf, they were busy helping me.

Yes, they are a family of integrity, but they love and serve the Lord, and they love the Lord.

Gay White

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