Editor, Commonwealth:

A lot of Mississippians may not be enamored with Gov. Tate Reeves, but at least we don’t have a blithering idiot like Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, especially with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon.

In case you haven’t heard, last week that hypocritical cretin Cuomo issued an order limiting indoor gatherings at private residences in the entire state of New York to only 10 people. So much for “home for the holidays,” huh, kids? Yet Cuomo single-handedly caused the death of no telling how many New Yorkers with his order several months ago to place 6,300 COVID patients into nursing homes. And he blames Donald Trump for spreading the virus!

Cuomo and his seriously mentally disturbed (and just as hypocritical) brother, Chris, the musclebound darling of CNN (without a doubt the worst so-called “news” network in history), seem hell bent on making history as two of the most dangerous people in this country.

However, I was very glad to read this week that several New York county sheriffs have announced that they will not be enforcing Cuomo’s Hitlerian edict, and that they have no intention of doing so.

Can you imagine what Leflore County Sheriff Ricky Banks’ comment would be if the governor of Mississippi were to issue such an insanely unconstitutional order, and said that he was depending on local sheriff’s departments to make sure that the order was being enforced? It would probably be something to the effect that the governor could put his order where the sun doesn’t shine.

I can only hope that both Cuomo boys will soon come down with a virus far more quickly deadly than COVID, so they will quit using up so much of the earth’s valuable oxygen and trying to turn this country into a gulag. After all, with despot-wannabes like the Cuomos, why be worried about the Russians?

Clint Guenther

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Wow. What a way to spread holiday cheer by wishing death on people who both likely neither know or care to know you. This is the kind of hate that is so loosely spewed from the mouths of Mississippians that give us the reputation we have. Do as you will with your family and holiday celebrations and respect the decisions of others...and respect leaders. You’d want the same. Happy holidays!


I am incredibly disappointed that the Commonwealth would print a letter like this. Wishing a deadly virus on anyone is absolutely despicable.

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