Editor, Commonwealth:

Once again, our Mississippi representatives have shown us their true colors of where they stand on this second impeachment of Donald Trump. Sens. Roger Wicker and Cindy Hyde-Smith are totally clueless on the Constitution of our country. And spineless.

Just to listen to their vote of “nay” on Tuesday tells me we need more representation for our state of Mississippi.

To keep elevating and electing these two as our voice for Mississippians is absurd.

It was plain as the nose on your face that this impeachment should go forward.

I want to say that these two need more legislative knowledge of our Constitution and more of an open mind and respect for our citizens and basic knowledge of our voting process. And less of me, me, me. I’m totally appalled.

Jan. 6 just showed part of the division of this country because of their narrow-minded thinking.

Jeannette Cunningham

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That's right got to keep the hater for Trump going! Good job Jeannette in my opinion the two did the right thing. Its people like you that keep us divided keep up the good work!

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