Editor, Commonwealth:

Donald Trump exists in a separate reality. He worships his own lies. He will claim that something happened when it did not and then claim that something which didn’t happen did. Trump’s reality bears no relation to truth but is more to do with the way he wants things to be as opposed to the way things are.

It has been said by health professionals who know about these things that he is a malignant narcissist who consistently lies to himself and to America but is not held to task by his base for the sinfulness of his lies or for the danger to the country which will result from them. The dimension in which he functions as president creates a dark and treacherous place for all of us.

Trump is not cognizant of the workings of the federal government or what his own place in it should be. He must be persuaded that our democratic society was not constitutionally created to be an autocracy, although I’m doubtful that it is possible to convince Trump of this.

Kamala Harris has said that we have a predator in the White House whose not-so timid mantra is “I am the law.” He has limited intelligence and is only aware of certain questionable unilateral governmental powers he believes himself to possess. A lack of understanding led him to misconstrue the meaning of the Mueller report by virtue of his claims that Mueller had exonerated him of conspiracy to fix his election as well as obstruction of justice. Trump was terribly mistaken. In fact, Robert Mueller seemed to passively suggest impeachment. Trump, along with too many Americans, has not read Mueller’s report and certainly never will. That is a pity and a mistake.

Trump’s cabinet is crushed with paralyzing chaos. This sad collection of gypsies is peculiar, unstable and almost totally ignored by Trump himself. He doesn’t want them hanging around the White House, and many of Trump’s top cabinet positions are frequently unfilled. Trump has suggested that he prefers “acting” department heads, as they are easier to control and fire than Senate-confirmed nominees. There has been no legitimate Senate-confirmed nominee for secretary of defense since Gen. James Mattis resigned last December after bitter disputes with President Trump. Acting Secretary Patrick Shanahan then stepped in and served longer than all acting defense secretaries combined before recently quitting.

There is no longer real structure within the federal government, as Trump has done what he could to create chaos across the board. No one in the world knows what we are doing or where we are going. There is the possibility that we may blunder into a military conflict with Iran partially in retaliation for attacks suspected to have been committed by Iran on two non-U.S. oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz as well as Iran’s shooting down of a U.S. drone in international airspace off the Iranian coast. Trump responded by dispatching 1,000 troops to the Middle East. We have lost the support of several critical allies, including Germany and France, due to Trumps’s insults and unusual behavior, so there will be little support from there.

We don’t know exactly where Trump is getting his intelligence, but some of it is coming from telephone calls to and from private citizens with a little hawkish input from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and John “The Bomb” Bolton. One of Trump’s most trusted advisers, Sean Hannity of Fox News, announced with troubling authority on national television that Iran better not fool around with the United States or “we’ll bomb the hell out of ’em.”

I wonder where he got that. Hannity has become a possible security risk. He is a “leaker.”

William Kirby

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