Editor, Commonwealth:

In the 1940s, members of the Greenwood Garden Club planted several magnolia trees at the Leflore County Courthouse. We made a mistake and planted one too close to the main entry sidewalk.

The GGC was recently asked by the Leflore County Board of Supervisors to make recommendations for the landscape with a goal to provide a safe and manicured space available for public use. Included in our recommendations was the removal of this one tree. There were numerous recommendations given to the board, and now it has the task to either accept or reject any or all of our recommendations. We also emphasized this was Phase I. Phase II (what would go back into the space) was still undecided and would depend on the directions we were given regarding Phase I.

Greenwood’s Kix 92.7 morning DJ “Jackson” has reached out to the GGC with an invitation to speak on his show. He has followed the tree saga in the Commonwealth as well as on social media and feels it is time our club was offered an opportunity to discuss this subject openly, a discussion that is respectful and not slanderous to our fellow community volunteers. It takes a team to keep our community strong, and the club members are proud to be a part of that team.

I have accepted Jackson’s invitation on behalf of the GGC. Leflore County citizens who are interested can tune to 92.7 Wednesday, May 29 at 8 a.m. Please note that my opinions are my own. However, I have worked on these recommendations alongside GGC members Caroline Colquett (president), Debby Cooper, Lark Brown and Darla Kimes after the club voted to accept the Board of Supervisors’ request to assist. These were the ladies who raised their hands and agreed to work voluntarily.

Please respect their efforts as well as the efforts of so many others like them who are volunteering their time to make a good difference across the Delta.

Cyndi Long
Vice President
Greenwood Garden Club

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Trim the tree back to the size it was before it was a problem. I have a feeling this is no more than a play for a place to put a civil rights statue .

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