Editor, Commonwealth:

I found it ironic that in Tim Kalich’s Feb. 13-14 op-ed (“Latest racial gap: vaccination”) are the following phrases, which I have placed within quotation marks but which I have spelled and capitalized just as they appeared in the opinion piece: “African Americans appear”; “received by Blacks”; “overall black population”; “30% were black”; “large black population”; “white inoculation rates”; “Black residents”; “Black participation”; “hundreds of Black men”; “low Black response”; “who is also Black”; “Black vaccination rates”; “Black residents”; and “Black leadership.” The capitalization doesn’t appear consistent to me, but what do I know. Plus, I never cease to be amazed at what appears in the Commonwealth.

That said, and having been made even more curious about the recent PC Police’s insistence on capitalizing the “b” in black, when referring to a race of people, who in reality are no closer to the color black than I am to the color white, I took to that magnificent invention of former Vice President Al Gore — the internet. According to more than one source, it seems that the ever-proverbial “they” (i.e., the pseudo-intellectual elite) decided the word should be capitalized because “for many people, Black reflects a shared sense of identity and community.” So, do “they” mean that people of every race, not just the “black” race, don’t share that same “sense of identity and community”? As if the “Black” race is something “special”? To me, that smacks of blatant racism, something I thought we were trying to get beyond in this country.

Instead, those who love to stoke the fires of racial differences seem to be hell-bent on devising new ways only to increase and widen the “racial gap,” to use Mr. Kalich’s words.

Such people care nothing for humanity; they care only for their own petty narcissistic agendas, hoping that maybe one day, they, too, will wield power and influence over those of yet even another race, not to mention their own.

Aside from the Lord Jesus Christ, no one has ever chosen to be born, and no one has ever had any say in what their race would be. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of a colorless society has fallen prey to the deadly force that resides not just in one race but in all races. If we could just see that for what color IT is, we would all be sickened at the sight, not to mention the thought that we all are guilty of it.

While we may wish we were, sin and Satan truly are not only colorblind, they are the “ones” that truly don’t care what color anyone is. We’d better all wake up and change (i.e., repent), because the day is coming to an end, and when darkness comes, as it will, it will be too late.

“Red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.” You’d better love your neighbor, regardless of skin color. If not, the boogey man is gonna get you.

Clint Guenther

Editor’s note: The Commonwealth follows the style rules of The Associated Press, and in 2020, the AP changed its style to capitalize “Black” when used in a racial, ethnic or cultural sense.

The AP Stylebook explanation says in part, “Use of the capitalized Black recognizes that language has evolved, along with the common understanding that especially in the United States, the term reflects a shared identity and culture rather than a skin color alone.”

The AP said that the consensus of those it consulted internally and externally was that “white” did not reflect the same shared identity, history and culture, but that the AP would periodically review its decision.

As for the inconsistency on capitalization in the column cited by Clint Guenther, that was the writer’s error. Some habits are hard to break, including those pertaining to capitalization.

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