Editor, Commonwealth:

This is what I would like to see happen in our community. I would like to see us have more community meetings so we can get to know our neighbors better and to gain more ideas about adding more jobs here in Greenwood. Let’s get the mayor and the lawmakers alongside the people in our community to talk about getting these guns out of our children’s hands.

I would also like to see more recreational centers and a YMCA here, too. Let’s find more ways to add more programs for people who need a fresh start to turn their lives around. The more jobs we have in our community, the more people can provide for themselves and their families. Let’s work on having more activities for our children so they can have something good to look forward to. There should be more programs to make people more aware of how dangerous drugs and alcohol can really be.

Let’s show love and understanding to each other and learn how to be less judgmental toward each other. Let’s take the old abandoned houses and buildings and turn them into homeless shelters and learning centers for people who need their education and vocational skills.

Most of all, I would like to see us work together to meet the common goal of improving our community. It takes a village to run our community. And it will take our Lord to help us become even a better community.

I have been living in Greenwood for 17 years, and I have seen this city grow, but I also see where we can help make our city greater than what it is now. It can happen if we all work together.

Raymon M. Johnson III

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