Editor, Commonwealth:

We live in very troubling times, and I suppose that any news media makes more money by publishing bad or maybe even distasteful news, but I was more than a little disappointed that The Greenwood Commonwealth saw fit to publish the racially biased and vitriolic op-ed entitled “Pro-life only until birth” in Tuesday’s paper, authored by the also radically liberal and racially biased Cynthia Tucker, formerly with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, who claims she hales from Alabama.

The opinion, not only critical of Mississippi’s attempt to end the murder of innocent human children, renders a scathing accusation that “Mississippi is one of the worst places in America for a child to grow up, especially if that child is black and poor.”

That’s not a racist remark, is it? No, of course not! That’s not a class-based comment on so-called “white supremacy,” is it? Oh, no, not at all! At least Tucker, in her self-righteous but hypocritical defense of the killing of human children, spread the “wealth” of her criticism around by including Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana in her venomous tirade, and by not saying that Mississippi is “the worst” state in which a child can grow up. Isn’t it interesting, though, how she oh-so-conveniently failed to mention the plight of the “poor and black” children in Chicago, Detroit or Camden, New Jersey, where almost 43% of people live in poverty, not to mention the U.S. cities that have the most homeless people: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Boston, Massachusetts; San Francisco, California; Washington, D.C.; Seattle, Washington, and New York, New York. As if only the Southern states suffer from poverty and/or racism. I know of no state in this country where the relationship between blacks and whites is better; and if you believe that poverty and poor people will disappear before the Lord Jesus Christ returns, then you’re just whistling “Dixie” (no pun intended).

Ms. Tucker’s pharisaical cacophony smells, as I used to hear older people say, “to high heaven.” To take “Friar” Tucker’s opinions to heart, I guess when it comes right down to it, she would say, “Kill the little (blanks) (you fill in her filthy language). Better dead than poor and black!”

Shame on such a heathen, who obviously has no fear of God and no respect for life. And shame on the liberal editor of The Greenwood Commonwealth for printing such tripe. It’s little wonder why the subscription numbers to the Commonwealth are in decline.

Still, I suppose it’s good for us Mississippians to know, and to be reminded by The Greenwood Commonwealth, what some other people think of us. To quote the late great Sam Cooke, “Ain’t that news! Man, ain’t that good news!”

Clint Guenther

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