Editor, Commonwealth:

Regarding the editorial in Tuesday’s paper regarding District Attorney Doug Evans (“DA must bow out of Flowers case,” June 25), I’m no friend or even a fan of Mr. Evans because I don’t know him. I do think I met him once about 36 years ago.

However, everyone needs to remember one very important fact about his prosecutions of Curtis Flowers: Mr. Evans was not in the courtroom alone with the jury and Mr. Flowers at those trials. At each of Flowers’ trials, he had at least one, if not a team of lawyers representing him, hired to defend him, not to mention a judge who ruled on matters such as reputedly improper jury selection.

I also don’t know if Mr. Evans is guilty of the “prosecutorial misconduct” of which the editorial so blithely accuses him. But I do know this: If Mr. Evans was guilty of “prosecutorial misconduct,” then Flowers’ lawyers appear to have been guilty of malpractice, and the judges that presided over the trials guilty of incompetence. But I don’t believe it’s any of that.

Mr. Evans was doing his job, and according to the results, he did a lot better at his job than Flowers’ lawyers at theirs — several times, no less. And the Mississippi circuit court judges who presided over the trials were apparently not felt to be incompetent by the Mississippi Supreme Court, the U.S. Supreme Court be damned.

Isn’t it also interesting how, when bleeding heart liberals get a ruling with which they agree from all or most of the nine unelected judges who have been appointed to have unlimited and irreversible power in this country, you don’t hear a peep out of them, despite the fact that they railed in hatred when so-called “conservative” justices were up for confirmation. As far as that disappointing bastion of intelligence and justice, Brett Kavanaugh, is concerned, maybe he needs to stick to drinking beer, he apparently likes it so much. As for Flowers, if he’s guilty, like O.J., he’ll get his due eventually; and if he’s not guilty, then I pray to God he goes free.

As for Doug Evans, if I were he, I wouldn’t give another thought to reprosecuting the case. He did his best for over 20 years, and now he’s been only maligned for it. At this point in his life, he should do like everyone else does — write a book about it. He could do a lot worse.

Clint  Guenther

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