Editor, Commonwealth:

Regarding the Greenwood City Council’s proposal to allow wine and liquor sales on Sundays (“Sun. wine, liquor sales proposed,” Feb. 20), congratulations, Greenwood, on finally entering the 20th (and I DO mean the 20th) century. I guess it took tourism to do it.

Speaking of tourism, I wish someone could convince Greenwood’s tourism bureau to renovate and promote the site of the several-day Civil War battle that took place on the river and riverbanks only a few hundred yards west of Wal-Mart. A number of Union and Confederate soldiers and sailors gave their lives in that battle. I wonder if the students in Greenwood and Leflore County even know that battle took place there.

A glass of wine on Sunday is nice and can be very relaxing, but history is a terrible thing to forget. It’s even worse to forever lose it, simply because no one cares to preserve it.

Clint Guenther

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