Editor, Commonwealth:

As many of you know, my nephew Trip Malouf of Birmingham, Alabama, is battling brain cancer. Trip grew up in Greenwood and graduated from Pillow Academy in 1995.

On Sept. 24, Trip’s friends put on a fundraiser for the Trip Malouf Medical Fund. It was huge! The outpouring of love from this caring and giving community never ceases to amaze me. There were many volunteers from our community, our family, our church family, our Pillow family and our Mississippi State family who showed up to help prepare and deliver orders of barbecue chicken to many businesses and farmers, plus untold friends and strangers who bought meals.

We cannot thank anyone individually for fear of leaving someone out. But we must thank Heather and Cory Rowe, the owners of Chicot Irrigation and dear friends of Trip and his wife, Courtney. The barbecue was the Rowes’ idea, and they pulled it off without a hitch.

The Rowe team of his employees and friends was there from 3:45 a.m. until the last plate was served (1,100 in all) around 7 p.m. Thank you, Cory, Heather, Chicot Irrigation and all volunteers who so graciously helped to make this fundraiser a success. I salute Greenwood and Leflore County for once again showing up and showing out.

The following is an excerpt from a recent post Trip made on his Caring Bridge page.

“I didn’t want to single anyone out for fear of leaving someone out, but my hometown community of Greenwood, MS really showed up and supported a fundraiser that some good friends did there. I wasn’t able to attend, but my parents and other family members were able to go and help. I loved hearing from my parents about who all came by and who all showed up to participate. I’m so lucky to have been raised in such a unique, loving, close-knit community and culture.”

In closing, I would like to say thank you from the Malouf family. God bless you all. Please continue to pray for Trip’s healing.

John Malouf

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