Editor, Commonwealth:

The old Voting Rights Act of 1965 Section 5 “preclearance” nonsense has once again raised its ugly head.

Your editorial (“No need to revive preclearance,” Dec. 28) zeroed in on the hypocrisy like a bunker-busting smart bomb.

It’s funny how liberals defend the Supreme Court when it hands down decisions such as Roe v. Wade. They state loudly — and often — that no one dare challenge that 1973 ruling. It’s sacrosanct. And God forbid if a judicial nominee takes any issue with it.

Now, with the Democrats running the U.S. House of Representatives, they want to overturn the court’s invalidation of Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Of course, there’s no credible claim that elections have been “rigged” by voting irregularities or discrimination in more than 25 years. With Mississippi having more African Americans in elective office today than ever before, it clearly is a waste of time.

As a onetime staff writer for the Commonwealth, I sat through many a Greenwood City Council hearing in which former City Attorney Billy Bowman personally redrew the city’s ward lines. Bowman not only knew the requirements of Section 5 backward and forward, but he literally walked through the proposed new ward lines with each council member to make sure they were satisfied with the proposed changes.

Bowman performed those services as part of his normal city attorney position. An outside consulting group would have produced the same product but at an exorbitant price for the taxpayers.

Unfortunately, this move to overturn the court’s ruling on Section 5 has all the fingerprints of the Delta’s “congressman-for-life,” Bennie Thompson.

Of course, Congressman Thompson, who has somehow managed to become a millionaire while on a congressman’s $125,000 annual salary, thinks there’s dirty work afoot, I’m sure.

I agree to some degree.

Financial disclosures should be required of all congressmen and senators.

Let’s see the Democrats address that issue with multi-millionaire Nancy Pelosi as speaker and “The Squad” of spoiled brats all but running the show.

They won’t, of course. Instead, they love “tilting at windmills” in their obsessive hatred of President Trump.

Regardless of how one regards the impeachment issue, there are plenty of pressing issues that the House of Representatives needs to address.

Here’s one: How about approving a federal budget for the first time in more than 10 years?

With continuing resolutions constantly forcing the prospect of a government shutdown, can we at least agree on passing a budget? Families do it all the time.

What a sad, pathetic joke Washington has become.

Bob Darden

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