Editor, Commonwealth:

Some are saying that the world doesn’t have good people. Some are saying that the world doesn’t need a savior, but yet I hear people crying for one. People pray a lot but feel as though their prayers are not getting answered. We have young children dying before they even take their first breath. We have people fighting over things that are very small and not worth fighting over.

I see a lot of social injustice in our country. And we have people losing jobs, being homeless and without food to feed their families.

But today, I see hope for us to start healing as a nation and as a community. It is going to take time and effort, but if we all work together, we shall heal as people.

It’s OK to disagree with each other, but let’s not go to war with each other. Let’s work together to help make our country better.

I will always have hope for our country. Hope is seeing the light in spite of being surrounded by darkness. Hope is having faith in something even when people don’t see good at all. And hope is one of the reasons we will heal as people.

Raymon M. Johnson

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