Editor, Commonwealth:

I grew up in Greenwood in the 1950s and 1960s. The population was pushing 24,000. There were three movie theaters — the Leflore, the Paramount and the Rebel. Now the population is around 13,000 in spite of the influx of Hispanics, and there are no movie theaters at all. Less than half of the children in the public schools’ third grade, with one exception, can pass a test such that they can move on to the fourth grade. Back then people rarely locked their homes or cars. As kids, we weren’t afraid to walk home or ride our bicycle across town from a movie at night.

What is going on here? If you researched semi-deeply, I think you will see it can all be traced back to the disintegration of the nuclear family.

Robert A. McCurdy

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That's a stretch.

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