Alex Haley once stated, “Either you deal with what is the reality, or you can be sure that the reality is going to deal with you ... .”

Our reality has begun to deal with us right here in Greenwood. The rash of current events isn’t something that happened overnight. These are situations we’ve overlooked or pushed to the side because they didn’t directly affect us at the moment.  

At a recent meeting of the Greenwood City Council, Sen. David Jordan suggested the council consider bringing in Earnest Adams, a retired and highly decorated officer of the law, to share his knowledge and expertise to help curb the rising crime rate in the city. The notion was immediately rebutted by the mayor, as quoted: “Our police department, I think, is doing a fine job. We solved all those crimes but one.”  

There have been over 50 shot in gun-related incidents, 22 homicides, a vastly undermanned qualified department, a list of complaints of police harassment or brutality, some of which have led to settlements, not to mention the handling of the suspension of former officer Erica Scott, just to name a few.  These actions contradict the mayor’s sentiments.  

The miscues of leadership in the Police Department is just the tip of the iceberg where we are not accepting realities. The miscues are piling up.  

This isn’t a slight at the character of the mayor but merely identifying where performance has been less than favorable and detrimental to the progress of the communities.  If we want to make our dreams come true, we must first wake up.

Kenderick Cox

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No again, the problem stems from no direction from home. Teach your kids to do as the police tell you to do when you are stopped. That simple and be respectful

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