Editor, Commonwealth:

The downtown Greenwood parking lot could use some attention.

The lines for the parking spaces have all but disappeared. What little “grass” that’s in the “green spaces” is nothing but weeds, clover and unsightly Johnson grass, but even that is in bad need of mowing. In about half of those areas, what used to be “grass” is dead. I haven’t looked lately, but not too long ago, at least one of the ground-level spotlights in the middle green space didn’t work because it had been completely taken over by a large red ant hill.

It’s a shame to have such a nice facility that seems to get so little needed attention.

Finally, and this is not the city’s fault because no one could have known when the parking lot spaces were being designed that half the population of Greenwood would start driving four-door, two-ton pickup trucks, the parking spaces are too narrow. It’s virtually impossible to park in that parking lot and not have one side or the other of your car dinged or dented by another vehicle’s doors on a regular basis. I don’t think it would matter if a parking space or two (or even three) were sacrificed in order to make the rest of the spaces wider, easier to get into and out of, and a lot less likely to result in a trip to the body shop.

Clint Guenther

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