Editor, Commonwealth:

In 1964, James Silver published “Mississippi: A Closed Society.” The election in Carroll County of a relatively unknown as Beat 5 election commissioner supports this claim.

The mighty Pharaoh, which is the Carroll County political machine, keeps oppressing the forgotten man (the black man). The mighty Pharaoh represents the white “good ole boy” political system.

Time is on the side of the black man. No one remains in power forever. The tide will turn. A reversal is on the horizon.

Pharaoh pursued the Israelites to the Red Sea. The Red Sea is in front, and Pharaoh and his mighty army are behind. But all is not lost. God tells Moses to stretch out his rod. Bible students know that the Israelites walked through the Red Sea on dry land.

Now isn’t that amazing? God is awesome.

The closed society of Carroll County keep oppressing the black man. In due time, God will right all injustices. The closed society will no longer be closed. Allegations of unfair elections will no longer be supported. Finally, the political machinery of Carroll County will be transparent, fair and just.

Barbra Jacquline Burkhead-Tate

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