Editor, Commonwealth:

I understand the president of the United States erred with the topic of global warming in the State of the Union speech.

In my last letter to the newspaper about the CEO of Amazon (“Kathleen Parker ignores the real story,” Jan. 25), I neglected to mention I, too, share a similar attachment to the state of Washington. I was born there, as was my father and his father, it having been my great-grandfather who made the decision to leave Southeast Arkansas long ago. At that time, trains still ruled the land before giant luxury limos transported men from the canyons of Wall Street to the Boeing hills of Seattle.

Global warming? I came to the Delta so I could experience some of this warming firsthand. Rain excepted, so far so good. Anyway, enough of that.

Now as to global warming, what could possibly be at the root of this developing situation? Could it be like an out-of- control weed with roots planted in greed? How about we consider some facts, then decide.

What is the square footage of your house, maybe a secondary little property, hunting cabin and whatever else? I’m at just under 2,500 square feet that I heat and air-condition here in Greenwood. Let’s call this my global footprint.

How about that titan of American commerce, Jeffery Preston “I be wanting you to know me as” Bezos, and his carbon footprint? Let’s count:

1. A house in the suburbs of Seattle, 29,000 square feet.

2. A 27,000-square-foot house in Washington, D. C. (Former museums tend to be rather large.)

3. A Beverly Hills home with approximately 12,000 square feet.

4. A neighboring Beverly Hills home with 4,500 square feet.

5. Four adjacent apartment units in New York City’s Central Park West totaling more than 6,000 square feet.

6. A large home in West Texas set on approximately 30,000 acres, where he works on his space rocket venture to hopefully save his genetic code for future generations. There’s some hot air going up into space!

Say it ain’t so, reading public, but his mouthpiece of criticism, The Washington Post, is more dilettante than watercress sandwiches served with high tea.

Now also think about how much energy is wasted when he delivers an individual cardboard box to your door. Ordering shoes from Jeffery’s Zappos? Last time I was out, I saw shoes displayed locally. I think they even sell them in Washington, D.C.

No matter what the shoes look like in each city, they offer a better value than the Bezos beached whale of a newspaper, The Washington Post, on the Potomac.

Rex S. Whiteaker


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