Editor, Commonwealth:

The city of Greenwood wishes to express its dissatisfaction for the cable and internet services provided by Suddenlink Communications. Over half of Greenwood’s population are Suddenlink’s customers, and it saddens me that citizens and businesses cannot receive adequate customer services.

The city receives complaint after complaint from businesses and homeowners that Suddenlink no longer gives the option to speak with a local representative for their cable and internet needs. There are also countless complaints that technicians are not responding to or showing up at locations with internet and/or cable outages.

We would like all the citizens and business owners to know we hear your complaints and we are reaching out to Suddenlink in an effort to correct its customer service issues as it pertains to Greenwood.

The citizens of Greenwood are the city’s first priority, and we will continue to work at resolving this issue until we get it right.

Mayor Carolyn McAdams

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Thank you Mayor! I have been very frustrated with Sudenlink’s service and the astronomical cost. It is unfortunate there is no viable competition for a combined internet and cable tv provider. If there was, they would be forced to invest and upgrade their infrastructure or cease to exist.

My wish would be for the city to research the viability of municipal provided fiber to its citizens. Greenwood Utilities already should have the right of way and infrastructure to run the fiber along with accounting and billing expertise to bill customers. It would be fantastic to cut the cable and stream everything along with being a great investment to attract and retain business and industry by offering high speed fiber. Thanks for addressing this important issue!

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