Editor, Commonwealth:

How can we, as free Americans, accept the hate and violence that are being displayed in this “great” nation. I am seriously concerned with what is to become of the norms of this nation. I find that watching the news about the mass killings in Texas and Ohio has mobilized my emotions to speak out about racism and the ill effect that it can have on the public.

As I was in line at a convenience store to order a meal, about five men of Mexican descent were ahead of me, and behind me were about four black men. I patiently waited for my order to be filled, which it was. As I was paying for my order, I heard a voice behind me say, “Those Mexicans were holding up the line.” I felt hurt inside because I can reflect on how blacks were treated during the 1960s.

During the transaction of my purchase, I felt something stir within me, which caused me to speak. The only problem was I was speaking to myself.

The clerk, a former student of mine, asked, “What did you say?” I informed her that I was talking to myself. However, I was afraid to say my thoughts out loud, fearing what might come. I really wanted to compare the prejudices against Mexicans with the same prejudices that were displayed against blacks. The only difference is that there were no assault rifles available back then.

We, as a people, should know that we are the same. If you peel back brown skin, you will find that the same structures and internal profile that are found in all humans. Although a darker-skinned person’s body produces more pigment than lighter individuals, the anatomy and physiology are the same for all human beings.

Let’s learn acceptance for all humans is the message that I want to express to all human beings. Everyone who inhabits this great earth is worthy and deserving of the same respect that is demanded by others.

Let’s not blame individuals for being the person that is a part of God. Remember that we did not make ourselves and we cannot change our makeup.

Please, as one human to another, let’s not try to make anyone feel that they are inferior individuals.

Gwendolyn Jyles

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