Editor, Commonwealth:

I don’t think our people realize how close we came to major disaster last week when the storm came through. I watched the radar coverage as the storm passed from Greenville to us. It was the strongest I have ever seen, with heavy rain and lightning. Fortunately, after passing Itta Bena, it seemed to split into two wings and began to decrease in severity.

It was amazing how our utility people, even before the storm had died down, were out restoring our power and lights. The street department quickly began removing fallen trees and limbs to get them out of the way. The next day, I saw private citizens removing tree limbs from their neighbors’ yards and stacking them to be picked up at the curbs.

Greenwood was functioning as a city. I am so proud of our city and its workers. I know we all frequently pray for our military people and police and firemen and their safety, but I wonder if we very often pray for the utility people and first responders who are in the teeth of the storm and in dangerous situations, with high-tension wire hanging from poles, etc.

We can also, of course, thank the Lord for diverting it away from us and not causing major death and damage.

John Hey, MD


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