President Donald Trump clearly enjoys playing the role of schoolyard bully, and he has a tendency to offend when there’s no need to do so.

It’s understandably difficult for his critics to ignore those bad habits. An objective assessment, however, of his administration’s work with Mexico on the immigration overload at the border between the two countries shows that the threat of escalating tariffs worked.

Mexico blinked, apparently worried that tariffs would hurt its economy, which exports a lot of products to America. Mexican negotiators agreed to take significant steps to reduce the number of Central Americans traveling north through the country toward the U.S. border.

Tariffs are a risky thing to use against a neighbor and ally. Members of Trump’s own party spoke out against it, and the move could easily have backfired. In this case, that did not happen, and it appears the president will get some movement on one of the key issues that got him elected.

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