Mississippi’s office of state treasurer is a nuts-and-bolts job. As with several other offices in this state, it would be better suited to fill by appointment than election.

Surprisingly, this low-profile position has in recent years been a springboard to higher office for former political unknowns. Tate Reeves used it to move from the private sector into politics, a progression that he hopes will lead next week to the Governor’s Mansion. Reeves’ successor, Lynn Fitch, was already working in the public sector, but being treasurer — and all the free publicity she received from promoting the state’s college savings plans and returning unclaimed property — has lined her up to possibly become the state’s first female attorney general.

David McRae, the Republican nominee for state treasurer, may have bigger political goals on his mind, too.

But when it comes to comparing his credentials with those of his Democratic opponent, former Bolton Alderwoman Addie Lee Green, there is no comparison.

McRae is imminently better qualified to manage the state’s cash, oversee those college savings plans, and sit on the board of the Public Employees’ Retirement System. A member of the family that used to own a chain of department stores in Mississippi and throughout the Southeast, he manages family investments for a living.

He’s invested heavily in becoming state treasurer, having loaned his campaign the bulk of the nearly $2 million he has raised. There are two ways to look at that. He may be buying his own election (Green has had only $3,000 to spend), but he also may be less beholden to contributors once in office.

We recommend McRae in next Tuesday’s general election.

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