Congratulations to all the candidates who won in Tuesday’s elections. Voters chose to return many of the incumbents to their job. And in the cases where someone has been elected for the first time, they should be prepared for a crash course on the responsibilities of their new position.

Those who ran unsuccessfully, both in the general election and in the August primaries, also deserve the public’s appreciation. The candidates provided voters with more choices, and that is always helpful in a representative government such as ours.

The public would appreciate one more service from all candidates: Remove your campaign signs now that the elections are over.

Campaign signs are an excellent way for candidates to connect with voters at the most basic level. But as of today, they have served their purpose, and nothing is more unsightly than a weather-beaten political sign nailed to a utility pole or planted in a right of way.

It should take no more than a few days for each candidate and some volunteers to remove the signs. This may not be anyone’s first priority, but it’s certainly fair to expect those who put up the signs to remove them.

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