Margie Pulley, the Commonwealth’s 2019 Mother of the Year, set high standards for her three sons.

They were expected to work hard and do well in school, including graduate school. They were expected to go to church. And they were expected to be responsible members of their community.

But as important as those high standards were in the sons’ upbringing, just as important was the love, support and encouragement she and her late husband, Cedell, showed them. No matter how busy the parents were in their own careers as public school administrators, family came first.

It still comes first, as evidenced by the large Sunday meals that Margie Pulley still labors over, keeping up a tradition that her own mother, Claudine Brown, started.

Pulley said she learned a lot from her mother not only about cooking but also about parenting. They have definitely been good at it. In the 39 years that the Commonwealth has been picking a Mother of the Year, they are the first mother and daughter to have each won the title.

We congratulate them and all mothers in this community who give of themselves so unselfishly to raise their children and for whom nothing brings more satisfaction than seeing their offspring thrive.

Raising children is a huge responsibility. When it’s done well, it has a positive impact for generations.

Enjoy your Mother’s Day.

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