Here’s one of the most annoying things about President Trump: He is either incapable of making wise choices about whom to insult and whom to ignore — or worse, he is unwilling.

The thought comes to mind after the president belittled Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old girl from Sweden who has become the face of young people demanding urgent action to stop global warming.

Trump mocked her, suggesting on Twitter than she work on her anger management and go to a movie, apparently because Time magazine chose her as its Person of the Year.

The man is facing impeachment and has a re-election campaign to think about, and he has nothing better to do than bully a teenager on social media?

People have written about Trump Derangement Syndrome to describe those who despise the president so much they can’t discuss him rationally. But there needs to be a separate mental condition entered into the political lexicon: Trump Fatigue Syndrome.

His antics so often are so wearisome and unpresidential. Go harass Nancy Pelosi instead.

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