When the Mississippi Legislature in 2016 passed a law to mandate the merger of the Greenwood and Leflore County school districts, it said the new district would be known as the Greenwood-Leflore School District.

Recently, school officials have added the word “Consolidated” to the name.

Maybe using the name “Greenwood-Leflore Consolidated School District” makes sense temporarily in order to avoid confusion with the two separate districts that are still operating.

But come July 1, when that’s no longer an issue, the “Consolidated” should be dropped. And school officials should make that clear before they lock themselves in with a logo, stationery and signage that reflect the present usage.

Greenwood-Leflore Consolidated School District is more than a mouthful. A principle of good communication is to be concise. Don’t use five words when four will do.

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Do you think people, even the educated ones, in Greenwood and Leflore County know anything about communication best practices? You give them too much credit.


So thank you for making the suggestion to them. I don't think they will take it though.

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