Walmart’s critics are having a field day with the discovery of a poor attempt at humor on the retail giant’s website for Canadian shoppers.

The New York Post reported that the site offered for sale a Christmas sweater that featured a sort-of-Santa-looking guy with three lines of white powder on a table. Underneath the table was the phrase, “Let it snow.”

The website’s description of the sweater was worse. It said: “Santa really likes to savor the moment when he gets his hands on some quality, grade A, Colombian snow.”

Walmart quickly took the sweater, along with some others of questionable taste, off the website and apologized.

In fairness, the sweaters got on the site through a third-party vendor. That mainly means the company needs to improve its verification procedures.

It would be more interesting to find out how many of the sweaters got sold through the website. With so many ways to push the limits of decency, there probably were plenty of buyers.

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