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The runoff for the Republican nomination for governor was already bound to be interesting: Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves, a leader of the legislative branch, vs. Bill Waller Jr., the former leader of the state’s judicial branch.

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The business world doesn’t like uncertainty about cost increases almost as much as the increases themselves.

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Given the beastly hot weather of the past few days, this may come as a surprise. But according to a review of federal weather data going back to 1895, Mississippi is right in the middle of the area where temperatures have been increasing at the lowest rate.

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How surprising. The Mississippi Department of Education polled high school teachers and three-fourths of them said the state should stop requiring students to take a comprehensive U.S. history exam to demonstrate they have acquired some of the knowledge expected of a high school graduate.

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If Jim Hood truly believes that Tate Reeves abused his office to try to get an access road built — at taxpayers’ expense — to the gated community where the Republican lieutenant governor lives, then Hood needs to distance himself from investigating the matter.

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Rural Mississippi is about to see whether its desire for high-speed internet service matches the cost of providing it.

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As we’ve said earlier, the U.S. government should throw the book at any companies or managers who knowingly employ illegal immigrants.

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This week’s massive raid of seven chicken-processing plants in Mississippi has prompted applause from those angry about illegal immigration and disgust by those who accuse the federal government of picking on vulnerable people for political purposes.

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If the Leflore County Board of Supervisors thinks it can afford to get into the streetlighting business, it should handle it as a unit, rather than letting each supervisor decide where the lighting goes.

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The Motley Fool is an investment website that tries to provide solid financial information about the stock market without taking itself too seriously. One of its many offerings is a weekly email called “Foolish Wisdom,” and one that arrived recently contains some valuable ideas about investi…

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With a conservative majority now in place on the U.S. Supreme Court, there is a movement — its size probably pretty small — to try to add some seats in hopes that a future Democratic president could tilt the court’s leanings back in the other direction.

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Following last weekend’s back-to-back slaughters in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, there were plenty of suggestions for what the country should do to shed its distinction as the mass-killing capital of the world.

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Rand Paul, the fiscally conservative Kentucky senator, tells it like it is when he says that big spending and big government are a bipartisan failing.

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The biggest threat from “outside agitators” these days in Mississippi comes from four-legged, long-snouted, two-tusked creatures with voracious appetites and no natural foes.

Mississippi homeowners who are thinking about becoming seriously energy-efficient now have one good estimate on how much that might cost: $15,000.

One of the most difficult choices for voters Tuesday in these parts may be in which primary to cast their ballot.

If you think the Delta is headed in the right direction — despite its declining population, its troubled public schools and severe teacher shortages, its crumbling roads and bridges, its financially endangered hospitals — then Tate Reeves is your candidate for governor.

No matter who is elected Mississippi’s next secretary of state, it’s probably going to be a step down from the higher-than-normal competence that has led that office for nearly a quarter-century.

As far as Delbert Hosemann, endorsing him over token challenger Shane Quick is a no-brainer in the GOP primary for lieutenant governor.

Even as Republicans have steadily and increasingly dominated political office in Mississippi for the past couple of decades, the one position that has eluded them is attorney general.

Democratic presidential candidates should hope that their debates this week — one was Tuesday night and the other Wednesday night — significantly reduce the oversized group that is seeking the nomination.

Republican voters next Tuesday have two capable individuals to choose from as their nominee to be Mississippi’s next state treasurer.

When Republican Mike Tagert decided not to run for re-election as transportation commissioner for Mississippi’s Northern District, a handful of GOP hopefuls lined up to try to take his place.

The stupidity of college students can be boggling at times. It makes one wonder about the quality of American education, particularly how well or how much young people are taught about history.

It might be mostly a symbolic cause, but President Trump is still correct in telling the World Trade Organization to stop categorizing China as a “developing” nation and giving it any preferential treatment when the WTO is refereeing trade disputes.

Circumstances at the southern border illustrate both America’s greatness and its failings. The promise of this nation’s prosperity is what is drawing desperately poor immigrants from Central America.

If Republican primary voters in Mississippi were looking for fireworks in Tuesday night’s debate between the party’s three candidates for governor, they were disappointed.

If it is true that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell recently told President Trump that no politician has ever lost an election for spending more money, it is game, set and match for any hope of fiscal restraint in Washington.

It’s almost back-to-school time for thousands of students across the Mississippi Delta, and that signals the time to shop for school supplies, which include lists that are long and items on them sometimes pricey. It can be a stressful time for some.

Last weekend’s 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing prompted a number of television shows and newspaper stories. Their general theme was that going to the moon was expensive and risky — but worth it.

Here’s a headline on The Washington Post website that ought to get everybody’s attention: “Doing these five things could decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s by 60 percent, new study says.”

As Mississippi gets closer to starting its lottery, the idea of financing essential state services on the backs of people who are bad at math looks no better.

As is his wont whenever he premeditatively steps into a pile of doo-doo, President Donald Trump either tries to deny that anything is sticking to his shoe or claims it was an accident.

While Mississippi continues to largely ignore the warning that its dependence on paperless voting machines is asking for trouble, here comes word of another vulnerability that these older computerized voting systems probably have.

The Southeastern Conference has gotten rightly concerned that the football rivalry between Mississippi State and Ole Miss has gotten out of hand.

Farmers have a legitimate beef with the Trump administration when it comes to trade policies that have resulted in higher tariffs on the soybeans, cotton and other crops grown in the United States.

If you’re interested about the moon, this is your month to watch television. Saturday marks the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, and many TV channels are full of programs about the event.

Although the bidding wars for the Amazon headquarters attracted great attention due to its sheer size, hundreds of smaller, secret subsidy auctions take place throughout the country every year. Incentives for such deals are embedded in the tax code in every state. Together, these sums have b…

The Sierra Club’s Louie Miller is praising the Mississippi Public Service Commission for extending for three years an additional 2.5 cents “adder” for lower income utility customers who install solar panels. The adder will allow customers to sell electricity back to the grid for a total of 4…

We had the opportunity to drive through the South Delta this week on a trip back north from Vicksburg.

Dick Hall, who is retiring from the Mississippi Transportation Commission, recently made a strong case to a Jackson civic club for increasing Mississippi’s fuel tax. It’s a position the Republican, who previously served in the Legislature, has long taken. It’s a position we fully support.

Here’s an interesting report from The Associated Press: Out of 1,423 participants in a poll, nearly one quarter of them said they never plan to retire from work.

A hallmark of the Trump administration has been to roll back government regulations, not just those imposed during the administration of Barack Obama but also some that long preceded the nation’s previous president.

The healthy state of the U.S. economy should significantly strengthen Donald Trump’s chances of being re-elected next year, if the expansion holds for another 12 months.

Dizzy Dean, the talented and entertaining baseball pitcher, once made a wise observation: “It ain’t bragging if you can back it up.” That sums up the U.S. women’s soccer team’s march to its second straight World Cup title.

There is a valuable lesson for every business operator — along with every employee and every customer — in a listing of 2018 restaurant sales in America.

Through June, 15 children in the United States have died this year from being left untended in hot cars. And that was before the worst of the summer heat arrived.

In a Fourth of July spectacle in Washington that blurred the lines between patriotic celebration and political preening, President Donald Trump thankfully steered clear of turning his speech on the Washington Mall Thursday into a brazen re-election pitch.

Federal budget hawks, meaning anybody who thinks the government ought to try to live on the revenue it brings in each year instead of continuing to run up a deficit, are a truly endangered species in Washington these days.

Donald Trump won the presidency running on the slogan “Make America Great Again.” Independence Day, which this nation celebrates Thursday, is a good time to remember that this country has been pretty great for a long time.

This is not a huge issue, but when the Greenwood City Council is considering some easy things it could do, one of them would be to rename the park where last week’s Stars & Stripes celebration was held.

Two recent events that made national news are sure to make Mississippians wonder if the state will ever shed its unfair and outdated image as a racist backwater.

As Democrats hoping to oust Donald Trump next year begin the process of weeding out their field of 20 hopefuls, many of the candidates seem bent on promising the electorate the moon.

Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves maintains Mississippi’s graduation rate has risen to the national average over the past five years because the state has held students to higher standards.