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It’s a good thing the Madison County Sheriff’s Office reached a settlement with the American Civil Liberties Union regarding the use of roadblocks. A protracted lawsuit would have cost a lot of money with little certainty of winning.

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It’s been a rough few weeks for President Donald Trump. His weapons-for-dirt efforts in Ukraine resulted in the opening of an impeachment inquiry, and his abandonment of the Kurds — they may not have won World War II, but they did beat back the ISIS terrorists in the Middle East — prompted a…

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As long as there are politicians, there will be politicians helping out their donors. It’s just a matter of degree.

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The ongoing budget problems associated with the Jackson Zoo came to a head this month with the city of Jackson taking over the zoo from the Jackson Zoological Society, which had run the zoo for 35 years. Things had gotten so bad, the society had failed to pay its city water bill, running up …

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Some retirees are reportedly grousing because they don’t think the 1.6% increase they will get on their Social Security checks in 2020 is enough.

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Without meaning to, basketball superstar LeBron James this week gave credence to the argument that America’s top professional athletes are making so much money that they’re oblivious to any other issue.

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We don’t follow Sam Abraham’s reasoning when the Leflore County supervisor argues it’s not right to seize a person’s income tax refund to pay a seriously delinquent garbage bill.

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Polls can be one way to assess the possible results of an upcoming election. But campaign finance reports are another way, and the latest ones show that when it comes to money, Republican nominee Tate Reeves still has more of it.

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The statistics vary, but they all reach the same conclusion that it’s very difficult for a company to last 10 years, much less 100.

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This past week’s detailed proposal from Tate Reeves to sharply raise teacher pay and recruiting efforts makes you wonder if the candidate for governor actually read it before announcing it.

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Two thoughts about the fuss between China and the NBA: It’s ridiculous that a tweet supporting freedom in Hong Kong would upset the Chinese the way it has, but the pro basketball league’s commissioner looks even more ridiculous as he grovels before a huge foreign market.

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Mississippi’s Democratic legislators held a hearing in Jackson this week to keep the focus on how much this state is forgoing by stubbornly refusing to expand its Medicaid program to cover the working poor.

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Trent Lott, the former U.S. senator from Mississippi who’s been accused of working behind the scenes to get Glenn Boyce the chancellorship at the University of Mississippi, did Boyce no favors when he commended him as a “good ’ol boy.”

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The unprecedented success of the United States, sustained for more than 243 years, certainly has many causes. For one, a people who believe in freedom, equality and following the law is crucial. Without a populace that respects those ideals, any rules the government makes to try to promote t…

Ever since the 9/11 terrorist attack 18 years ago, the U.S. government has imposed more restrictions on flying in an effort to avoid a repeat of that mass slaughter.

Ford Dye, the Mississippi College Board member who chaired the search for a chancellor at the University of Mississippi, said last week that the board rushed to name Glenn Boyce as its choice so Boyce could get to work quickly “to unify the Ole Miss family.”

It was a rather surprising moment during Wednesday’s sentencing of a former Dallas police officer convicted of murder. The dead man’s brother, while giving his impact statement, testified that he forgave the fired officer, and then hugged her as she sobbed in the courtroom.

Let’s hope the forecasters are right and this uncharacteristically hot and dry beginning to fall will end this weekend.

Cyber security is one of those things that most people and businesses don’t ever get around to doing — until they get hacked or their hard drive fails or a disgruntled former employee deletes important files.

When he was in office, Jimmy Carter was considered an ineffectual president, in part because he had such a distaste for war.

It has been more than three months since the U.S. Supreme Court slammed Mississippi District Attorney Doug Evans for his prejudicial handling of the serial prosecution of Curtis Flowers.

President Trump’s head-in-the-sand attitude notwithstanding, a growing number of Americans is accepting that climate change is real.

The U.S. Justice Department’s inspector general said this week that the federal Drug Enforcement Administration was slow to respond to the opioid epidemic, reducing the use of a regulatory tool and allowing continual increases in the amount of pills that could be produced.

The thermometer isn’t showing it yet — Monday, which marked the end of September, was yet another hot, summer-like day — but the weather is going to cool off soon and the sun will be setting earlier as the calendar moves toward winter.

The growing battle over environmental health between the Trump administration and the state of California doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when it comes to air quality.

If there’s one thing this nation has learned from presidential scandals since Watergate, it’s always the cover-up that gets them.

Good for that Southwest Mississippi judge who recently held a woman accountable for her slanderous comments on Facebook about a Mississippi-owned business.

House Democrats have been itching to impeach President Donald Trump. He seems hell-bent on making their job easier.

American drivers used to pay a high price whenever there was military action in the Middle East. The best examples were during the 1970s, when the Arab oil embargo and the Iranian revolution caused steep increases in gasoline prices.

The power of debates to impact the outcome of an election is probably overstated. Voters who are already strongly in favor of one candidate or the other aren’t going to be swayed to think differently by what they see on stage, even if they happen to tune in that night.

The accountability results released last week for the state of Mississippi paint an odd picture of our state’s public schools.

A new Consumer Reports study shows that Mississippi’s new tax on electric vehicles will be 158% higher than the comparable gas tax on a regular vehicle. That’s approximately 2.5 times more.  It will be one of the highest electric vehicle taxes in the nation. And, unlike the gas tax, the elec…

Health authorities are urging people to stop using electronic cigarettes and other vaping products, but some people are not listening. In the meantime, they are investigating three more deaths from a mysterious illness that federal officials say may have affected over 450 users of the device…

When the Mississippi Department of Education in 2013 took over running the Leflore County School District, the district was rated an F.

One encouraging note in Mississippi’s accountability grades released this week is that all three charter schools that have been around long enough to be scored improved one grade from the year before.

Most of the candidates seeking the Democratic presidential nomination are treading softly — some more softly than others — around the question of whether Joe Biden is too old to be president.

The maker of OxyContin could pay as much as $12 billion spread over time between dozens of states and 2,000 municipalities nationwide, including several in Mississippi, as part of a tentative settlement announced last week.

Jim Hood’s investigation into Tate Reeves’ alleged arm-twisting to try to get the taxpayers to fund an access road into his gated community might be fodder for some commercials.

Here’s a fascinating headline from a story by The Associated Press: “A small but growing number of veterans around the country are turning to beekeeping as a potential treatment for anxiety, PTSD and other conditions.”

Mike Espy, who lost to U.S. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith in a 2018 special election, is thinking of a rematch in 2020.

The college football world tends to listen to Alabama’s six-time national championship coach Nick Saban.

Oklahoma oilman T. Boone Pickens, who died Wednesday at age 91, was best known as someone willing to take business risks. Enough of them paid off to make him a very wealthy man, but his obituary included a couple of lesser stories from his childhood that are important.

A new survey of Democratic convention delegates indicates that the race for the presidential nomination has come down to Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

Either through intentional or subliminal marketing, the manufacturers of e-cigarettes have been touting them as safer alternatives to the real thing.

Mississippi’s Department of Corrections should be thrilled that anyone volunteers to come into its prisons to try to help inmates turn their lives around.

Anyone who went through the ordeal in Mississippi or Louisiana of Hurricane Katrina 14 years ago — especially the recovery from the massive storm — may find it difficult to concede that other hurricane victims had it worse.

The Mississippi Supreme Court this past week cleared the way for charter schools to continue operating in the state, ruling that using local property taxes to pay for the schools is constitutional.

As the Mississippi gubernatorial contest between Tate Reeves and Jim Hood starts to warm up, a major question is what Hood will do with his investigation into the public road that Reeves’ allegedly tried to get built into the gated community where he lives.

The desire of law enforcement officials to not give notoriety to mass killers is understandable. You don’t want to reward the murderers with the publicity they might have been seeking, nor do you want to encourage copycats who might have the same twisted idea of going out in a blaze of carnage.

Auditors recently wrapped up an investigation of the Jackson Zoo’s finances, and one thing is clear, Beth Poff took one for the team.

For those who think the lack of background checks on private gun sales is no big deal, they should think again in light of America’s most recent mass shooting.

An experiment with creative financial assistance for 20 low-income single mothers in Jackson drew the attention of The Washington Post, which last weekend published an informative story about it.

Emily Wagster Pettus, a longtime reporter in Jackson for The Associated Press, noted this week some visual staples that viewers can expect to see on the ads that Mississippi candidates will run on TV between now and the general election.

Mississippi is not the only state that is permissive when it comes to guns. This state’s laissez-faire attitude to the sale and possession of guns and how firearms are carried in public, unfortunately, is more the rule than the exception across the country. That’s thanks to the influence of …

The United States has seen what happens when a critical mass foolishly resists getting vaccinated for measles.